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Due to the fact war’s end, Ty Lee established a strong doing work experience of one other Kyoshi Fighters

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Due to the fact war’s end, Ty Lee established a strong doing work experience of one other Kyoshi Fighters

Ty Lee and you may Sokka watched both again immediately after Ty Lee was released of jail after the stop of your Hundred-year Battle. At the Zuko’s coronation, she featured before him, outfitted just like the a Kyoshi Warrior. Sokka implicated this lady from antagonistic aim, but Suki revealed that Ty Lee got inserted her group shortly after making-up with them throughout their imprisonment. Through this area, she had also resigned which have Suki, Sokka’s newest wife. [8]

Kyoshi Fighters

Ty Lee and Kyoshi Fighters had been pure opposition inside war. They basic discovered each other when you look at the a forest where fighters had nursed a lacking Appa to fitness. With the help of her members of the family, Ty Lee beaten the fighters having fun with chi blocking. She taunted him or her from the saying, “You aren’t prettier than we have been!” Following the battle, she and her family unit members took a few of its uniforms, disguising on their own since the allies off Environment Empire to help you penetrate and take Ba Play Se. [9]

After joining up with Mai and betraying Azula following the race, Ty Lee is imprisoned also the attentive Kyoshi Warriors. If you’re with her, the girls bonded with each other, into warriors flexible Ty Lee on her earlier methods. After she coached her or him a few coaching on the chi blocking, they desired the lady to join their category, an offer she joyfully approved. [7]

Following conflict concluded, Ty Lee and her the newest team was indeed put-out out of prison, where she composed together with her former enemy, Suki. Ty Lee became the actual only real outsider, except that Sokka, to join new Kyoshi Fighters. She mentioned from the Zuko’s coronation once the Flame Lord which they were likely to be “close friends permanently”. [8]

[10] not, up to 102 AG, she started to question this lady place on the team and you may consider regarding stopping because generated the lady feel just like their household lifetime as part of a matched put, several somebody lookin and acting a similar. Even with this lady concern about shedding the woman personality, Ty Lee noticed that others warriors were including sisters to help you their which sometimes it is actually advisable that you feel the support away from a group. Understanding that even after the similarities, they certainly were in addition to various other hence she could take out of their make-up occasionally, she stayed with the cluster, carried on their good thread. [2]


Even after sugarbook dating the substantially differing characters, that have Ty Lee stating an outbound, amicable characteristics instead of Mai’s stoic, extremely kepted trend, Mai was Ty Lee’s companion and you will vice versa. Even with partaking within the a good prank Azula created to embarrass Mai, [12] the two was able a strong relationship, concentrating on the effectiveness of their matchmaking. Ty Lee sometimes teased Mai for her smash to the Zuko, [4] a love she actually advised. You will find discord between them in the some facts, like when Mai pointed out that Ty Lee requisite the new love off 10 men on account of the woman shortage of youngsters appeal, an announcement one to damage Ty Lee seriously. [1] Regardless, Ty Lee nonetheless shown great respect to help you Mai. Whenever Mai deceived Azula and you may stored Zuko on Boiling Material, brand new Flame Nation little princess asked the lady reasons for the girl steps and you can prepared to duel Mai. Sensing her buddy was a student in hazard, Ty Lee unhesitatingly proceeded in order to cut-off Azula’s chi to help you help save Mai, by herself betraying the newest princess in order to which she had in earlier times revealed astounding dedication. The 2 lady had been imprisoned with the Azula’s orders [7] but had been released following stop of your conflict. [8]

Following Hundred-year War’s achievement, [8] Ty Lee and you may Mai was able a strong relationship, even with not-being together all that usually. As such, Ty Lee as well as the Kyoshi Fighters conveniently going Mai’s consult to help you cover Zuko’s security following the numerous risks generated up against his lifestyle [13] and you may is actually tolerated from the Mai to help you hug this lady.

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