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Brand new decisions regarding local symbols is going to be compared with this out of

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Brand new decisions regarding local symbols is going to be compared with this out of

This general notion of entailment covers each other earliest-order logic and also the non-monotonic logics you to underlie of many signal-based languages; they expands the idea of entailment defined for the [Shoham87] towards the case of multiple-appreciated logics.

Note that one consequence of the multi-document semantics is that local constants specified in one document cannot be queried from another document. For instance, if one document, ?', has the fact ""^^rif:iri("abc"^^rif:regional) while another document formula, ?, imports ?' and has the rule ""^^rif:iri(?X) :- ""^^rif:iri(?X) , then ? |= ""^^rif:iri("abc"^^rif:local) does not hold. This is because the symbol "abc"^^rif:local in ?' and ? is treated as different constants due to the process of renaming apart that takes place prior to truth valuation.

cuatro XML Serialization Build

  • a good normative mapping on RIF-FLD speech syntax so you can XML (Section Mapping in the RIF-FLD Presentation Syntax to the XML Syntax), and you will
  • a good normative XML Schema into the XML syntax (Appendix XML Schema getting FLD).

Since explained on the assessment point, the appearance of RIF envisions your speech syntaxes from upcoming reasoning RIF languages was specializations of your own presentation syntax regarding RIF-FLD. This means that all of the well-shaped algorithm from the speech syntax off a standard logic RIF dialect also needs to end up being better-formed when you look at the a specialty regarding RIF-FLD, with actualizing new RIF-FLD expansion situations (come across review section). The purpose of the new XML serialization design should be to provide a beneficial comparable yardstick towards RIF XML syntax. So it wide variety on demands you to one admissible XML file to possess a reason RIF dialect must become an admissible XML document to own a professional RIF-FLD (admissibility is scheduled below). In terms of the speech-to-XML sentence structure mappings, as a result each mapping to have a reason RIF dialect need certainly to end up being a limitation of associated mapping to have RIF-FLD. Including, brand new mapping throughout the speech sentence structure out-of RIF-BLD to help you XML inside the [RIF-BLD] try a regulation of the presentation-syntax-to-XML mapping to own RIF-FLD. Such as this, RIF-FLD provides a construction to own extensibility and you can mutual being compatible ranging from XML syntaxes out-of RIF dialects.

Keep in mind that syntax out-of RIF-FLD isn’t framework-100 % free for example can’t be completely seized by the EBNF or XML Outline. Nonetheless, authenticity when it comes to XML Schema is a helpful attempt. In order to mirror it situation, i identify one or two notions off syntactic correctness. The fresh weaker opinion inspections correctness only with respect to help you XML Schema, due to the fact more strict understanding represents “true” syntactic correctness.

When the a beneficial dialect, D, focuses RIF-FLD next their XML schema should be a specialty of your XML schema from RIF-FLD. This includes removal of specific issue and you will features, maximum of your own XML form of the others, and you will replacement of the extension issues which have suitable real parts of the specified (maybe limited) products. ?

Definition (Valid XML document in RIF-FLD). A valid RIF-FLD document in the XML syntax is an XML document that is valid with respect to the XML schema in Appendix XML Schema for RIF-FLD, where the extension points NEWCONNECTIVE, NEWQUANTIFIER, NEWAGGRFUNC, and NEWTERM are specialized as concrete elements of the types prescribed by the RIF-FLD XML schema.

Meaning (Expertise of RIF-FLD outline in order to a dialect outline)

If good dialect, D, specializes RIF-FLD next a legitimate XML file from inside the dialect D is one that’s valid with regards to the specialized XML schema from D. ?

Definition (Admissible XML document in a logic dialect). An admissible RIF-FLD document in the XML syntax is a valid FLD document in that syntax that is the image of a well-formed RIF-FLD document in the presentation syntax (see Definition Well-formed formula) under the presentation-to-XML syntax mapping ?fld defined in Section Mapping from the RIF-FLD Presentation Syntax to the XML Syntax.

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